Touching His Heart

April 26, 2020

Touching His Heart

Hebrew is a very picturesque language.  The very first letter of the Torah, Bet (B), and the very last letter of the Torah is Lamed (L).  In Hebrew you read from right to left.

BL (Bael) while this word is a reference to a false god, it means 'Lord' or 'Master, but as we read from right to left in Hebrew it spells LeB which is the Hebrew word for heart. 

Jewish Rabbis teach that Torah, from the very beginning to the very end, is the heart of Yah (The One True God).  Some may say that that is an interesting teaching, okay, but let me share with you what Abba spoke to me, in response to my inquiry, "Father, what is your heart?".

We talk about wanting to know the will of God, but how do we know the will of God?  We must first know His heart.  So, what is His heart?  This is the response I received.


Come into the Shepherd's house. 
My Staff, the crook keeps you safe within your sheep pen.
My Staff provides you direction.
My Staff assures you of comfort.
My crook guides you where you should go.
My staff instructs you in learning and wisdom.
My staff leads you into blessings and refreshing.
My staff goes ahead of you and prepares the way.
I use my staff to beat down the enemy and with my staff lifted high I raise a banner so that the nations may fear you, people of Yah.
Come into my house and let my staff guide you into truth.
My staff is my Torah.  The crook is the bounds of your pen.
Come into my house and know my heart.
Know my ways and I will guide you for all of your days.


I think the Jewish Rabbis hit it on point when they said that Torah is the heart of Yah.


Stephanie Henry


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