It's always humbling and a blessing to read these types of testimonies. Please keep me and the ministry in your prayers as we continue to press on in our efforts to influence culture for the Kingdom of YHVH.

   Fort Wayne, IN - February 2019

 "David's talent and his worship is of the highest caliber. Worshiping our Heavenly Father is the BEST example rhat can be set." R. Johnson

Fort Mill, SC- February 2019
 "his albums are all on sale here and each one is awesome." L. McKenzie
Heath, TX - December 2017
 "David, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. God's love for us is so special. I am thankful for Godly friends who help us keep our eyes on the prize, "Knowing Him.""
   Buffalo, WY - August 2017

 "This afternoon my co-worker and I had planned to go see my boss and minister to him in whatever Fashion the Father lead as the doctors diagnosed him with cancer and he has been in and out of the hospital recently. In praying and meditating on this, the Father impressed upon me that the ministry I was to do had to do with the worship music we planned to listen to on the way. I accepted that but also had my expectation, YeHoVaH willing and providing the way for healing to be done. As Buffalo is so small, one can only listen to 1-2 or maybe 3 songs from origin to destination. She played a song and then I turned on your song 'Vessel'. I was impressed to play this song and yet was so intellectually conflicted; it seem so contrary to what I had in mind as we were going to minister to my boss. But it didn't need to be about what I had in mind. At that time I did not remember the ministry would have to do with the worship music. As we listened the presence of YeHoVaH filled the little car, I got Holy Ghost goose bumps!! About a minute or so in we arrived at my bosses house, and what I had expected and anticipated did not occur. We talked with his significant other, dropped the food off, and left. But remember, the ministry had to do with the worship music? On our way home we finished listening to Vessel, and the tangible spirit of YeHoVaH remained. She, my co-worker, teared up and expressed how powerful the song is. The impact I witnessed this song have on her is indescribable. She even asked where she could find the song! The next song up was Completely! We listened for a minute and pulled into the apartment complex drive way. Here we sat and talked for half an hour; about YeHoVaH completing the good work He began in us, the doubt that can so easily entangle us as we walk with Messiah, our journeys to Salvation, and etc. The song prepared her heart, she had an encounter with YeHoVaH and then was willing and eager to listen to YeHoVaH's messenger! While I was able to minister with my story and serve as a point of contact to connect her with YeHoVaH via song, the most impactful ministry will be between her and YeHoVaH in the time to come. HalleluYah!!! That is what this life is all about, connecting people to our heavenly Father YeHoVaH; the one who can change their life!" Kia H.


Dallas, TX - July 2017

"...Thank you so much for your CD "Moments in Eternity." The other day when I was driving my grandchildren to their church to go to church camp, I turned it on in the car. I thought it would be a great way to start their spiritual journey they were about to go on. After a moment I looked in the rear-view mirror and they were both mesmerized by the beauty and anointing of the music. I became teary-eyed myself while listening to it. When we got to our destination I said, Kids, what did you think of that music? My eight-year-old granddaughter said, I love it!!! Grandson agreed. We were all spiritually charged and refreshed by it. I appreciate the calling and anointing on your life to worship. May God continue to give you beautiful melodies and lyrics to bless his people." Julie C.

Vancouver, WA - July 2017

Blessings David...just want to say I'm thrilled with your new CD and have been blessed so many times from it and your music at HOI. As a former singer in music ministry I know anointing when I hear it and you are truly anointed. I pray YeHoVaH continues to bless your life with many blessings and many many more beautiful songs.


   Fort Worth, TX - May 2017

Warning! Emotional content: SOOO many feelings right now. I just got back from visiting a friend who is battling Stage IV Melanoma. I took her a copy of the your new CD (Moments in Eternity). While we visited the CD was playing in the background. Then 'Blessing Song' came on with you singing the Aaronic blessing in Hebrew. Suddenly, she stopped talking in mid-sentence and with tears in her eyes asked what you (David) were singing. She had visible goosebumps, but didn't know why...but I know why. This CD is so anointed that even two old friends gabbing away could not shut out the presence of the Holy Spirit.

By the time 'Majesty' was playing we were both tearing up. I said, "Can't you just imagine Jesus (Yeshua) coming back with this as His anthem?" and her response was, "or Him coming to take me home"(...but please not for a while, Yeshua.)

We shared several beautiful and emotional moments because of this music which ministered to us both in a timely moment. Thanks for being such a willing vessel and recording this CD. ~ D. Belle 

Fort Mill, SC - March 2017

Experience has proven to me that it is quite rare to find a truly anointed psalmist that can take me to the Throne Room and keep me there indefinitely. The first time I heard David lead worship, I was taken to another world.

This past week while he was ministering in song at the Lantern of Love in Chester, SC, again, I was taken to that Secret Place, beyond the blessings, and experienced the waves of love flow over my soul...the highs and the lows...as Yeshua's perfect love washed over me with in HIS presence; it was pure worship.

His teaching on the Law of Love, likewise, was a true blessing to the soul.

David is a true "Vessel" that will take you higher than you have ever been, both in worship and in the Word. - L.C.

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