Come to The LORD's Table

Pastors David and Denise Salinas

Come to The LORD's Table...

Where we feast on the Word of God, YHVH!

The LORD's Table is an evangelical outreach ministry of David Salinas Ministries Inc, a 501C3 ministry.  We believe that fellowship is a critical component of a believer's walk. That as "iron sharpens iron" so do we, as a community of people, sharpen each other. 


Come worship with us: 

Our services are open to the public, and ALL are welcomed. We also stream most of our services online and can be found on Youtube @DavidSalinasMinistries, on Facebook(@Newpsalm) and right here on this website's front page.

Saturday Mornings: at 11:00 am for our weekly adult and children's worship services. 

Monday Nights: at 7:00 pm for our W.A.I.T. service (Worship and Intercession Time). Come join us as we worship and minister to the One True God, Creator and Savior, and intercede for our Country, Communities, and individuals in need.

 First Fridays:  Join us at The LORD's Table the first Friday (on the Gregorian Calendar) of the month at 7:00 pm - Bring in the Sabbath with us. (This is a more intimate and family oriented service and is not available for live-stream viewing).

Join us for one or all of these weekly services at The LORD's Table...


5340 Davis Blvd
Ste 105
North Richland Hills, Texas  76180
Phone: (469)309-7810



I. Our first ministry is to the One True God and Creator, YHVH, always.  This is reflected in our worship.

II. Our second ministry is to YHVH's people.  This is reflected...

1. In our benevolence, as we frequently give to help widows in need, orphans, to the poor and various ministries in Israel. 
2. Through our teaching and weekly worship broadcasts, writings and weekly bible studies.  We seek to encourage and exhort the children of Israel, the children of God, YHVH, to spur them on in their faith.
3. Through our efforts to build communities to minister to the body of Messiah through our A.M.E.N. Homes.


III. Our third ministry is to "the world", to share the good news and preach the same gospel that Jesus/Yeshua preached.  To invite everyone into a deeper relationship with the lover of their souls, through discipleship.

We desire to reach those who do not have a relationship with YHVH. Through evangelistic activities. We seek to share the good news of the Kingdom of God. In a world of individuals who seek to "live their truths" we invite all to learn His ways and His truth.

It is our mission and hope to positively influence culture to righteousness.

It is our passion to help build connected communities all over the world, through the A.M.E.N. homes. That these communities would thrive in health (physically, emotionally and spiritually). 

We desire to be a support to them as they support their respective communities, and be a force to influence culture for righteousness and establish the Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth.

 See our Statement of Faith to learn more.

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