Our Statement of Faith

We believe in One True God!

We believe in the Heavenly Father/Abba, His Only True Son (Yeshua/Jesus) and His Holy Spirit (The Ruach Hakodesh); together, they are one (echad).


We believe in God (Elohim) the Heavenly Father (Abba / YHVH, YeHovah, Yahweh, Yahuah / El Elyon). He is the LORD and creator of all things visible and invisible (Col 1:16).


We believe that He is, as described in the Hebrew scriptures:

The Elohim (God, YHVH) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Exod 3:6).

He is the "I AM" of Moses.

El Shaddai, our God Almighty and the All Sufficient One (Gen 35:11).

We believe in Yeshua (Jesus Christ) the Messiah for the whole world:

Who is the ONLY True Son of God (John 3:16; Luke 1:35);

 Our Passover Lamb sacrifice (John 1:29,36) and propitiation for our sins;

The WORD (Torah) made flesh (John 1:14);

Who came to dwell among us (John 1:14) as Emanuel (God with us, Matt. 1:23).

We believe that He was born of a Virgin. He suffered at the hands of the Jews and Gentiles, was crucified and died on Passover. 

We believe that He was buried in a borrowed tomb for 3 full days. During which time He descended into Hell and defeated the forces of Sin and Death and is now in control of the keys to Hell and Death (Revelation 1:18).

We believe that after 40 days, He ascended into the Heavenly realms and is making a place for His people. 

We believe that one day soon (Revelation 1:7), He will return for His Bride, the pure and spotless, united Body of Christ, who will reign with Him and share in His eternal inheritance (Romans 8:17).

We believe that He will come to judge both the living and the dead alike (John 5:22, 26-30).

We believe Yeshua came to restore the lost sheep of Israel (Matt 10:6, 15:24) and establish the New Covenant, as spoken of by the prophet Jeremiah (Jer. 31:31).

We believe that He did not diminish or make the Law of God null and void (Matt 5:17-19, Mark 7:7-13), but satisfied the sin penalty of the law, for all those who would accept this free gift of redemption.

We believe that Hell is a real place intended for Satan / Hasatan / formerly Lucifer, and his fallen angels and demons. We believe that Hell was not intended for Mankind, but because of the hardness of people's hearts, may suffer the same or similar fates of these demonic entities.

We believe that Yeshua has made a way of escape for all who accept the gift of Salvation that He earned for us.

We believe that Yeshua’s sacrifice eliminated the need for any other sin offerings (Hebrews 10), as His sacrifice has satisfied this part of the law.

We believe that the way of Salvation is simple and is available for anyone who would repent (turn from their sins), confess with their mouths and believe in their hearts that Yeshua/Jesus, is LORD and God incarnate.

We believe that Yeshua /Jesus became the blood sacrifice and therefore the propitiation for our sins by dying on a tree and rising again three complete days and nights later.  This, as a fulfillment of the penalty of the law, and according to the sign of the prophet Jonah, having been in the whale 3 days and 3 nights (Matt 12:40).

We believe that Yeshua’s first coming fulfilled the Spring Feasts of the LORD as prescribed in Leviticus 23, by becoming the suffering servant, and the ultimate sin offering Passover Lamb sacrifice for us.

We believe that His return or second coming will fulfill the Fall Feasts of the LORD (Lev 23) as the conquering King (Revelation).

 We believe in the Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh) which is the Spirit of God, YHVH.

We believe that the Messianic Jewish Apostles did not add or take away from the Torah (the OT commandments/instructions/Law) but merely discussed and taught or expounded upon principles that already existed in the Old Testament (Tanakh). We believe the Apostles honored the Torah and upheld its significance in the believers’ life.

We believe in the "five-fold ministries" : Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Teachers and Evangelists.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God, in its original language.

We believe that the books given to Moses by YHVH (Torah), is the foundation and basis for the entire Bible. 

We believe that the Yeshua/Jesus, is divinely interwoven throughout both the old and new testaments and therefore bears one consistent theme and message. 


We believe that there is ONE instruction/law (Torah) for ALL of God's people.

We believe that the Torah is the foundation for the entire Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy).

We believe that one cannot fully understand the teachings or correctly interpret the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus, the Prophets, or His Disciples, without an understanding of Torah.

We believe that the instructions for how to live a good and long life, as intended at the creation of the world, is contained throughout the Bible, and it's foundation for all of these is in Torah.

We believe that these instructions are appropriate to be observed by everyone who desires and accepts the free gift of salvation, purchased by our LORD and Savior, Yeshua/Jesus Christ, through His crucifixion death.

We do not observe these commands to earn salvation, or righteousness, or to be justified. Yeshua's sacrifice provided the means of salvation and we are justified by His blood, and not by the works we do or in keeping the commands.

We believe that through observing God's commandments/laws and precepts, we are being sanctified (set apart, and consecrated to Yeshua for His use).  

We believe that the promise of blessings (Deut 11:26-27; Deut 28:1-14, are a result of observing YHVH's commandments. We willingly choose to obey YHVH's laws (Torah), to the best of our understanding, because of the Law of Love that Yeshua taught and because of our love for Him. We do not observe Torah as a means to earn salvation or justification, because they have already been earned for us through Yeshua, nor do we observe them just to seek the blessings as promised in Deuteronomy 28.


We believe in one Body of Christ - the pure and Spotless Bride.

We believe that all people, regardless of race or ethnicity, can be united as one, under Yeshua.

We believe that anyone who is a follower of Yeshua/Jesus, having received the gift salvation, are brothers and sisters in Messiah.

We believe that Yeshua ministry eliminated the difference between Jews and non-Jews: that there is, no longer, any difference between believing Jews and believing Non-Jews (Lev 24:22, Num 9:14).

We believe that Yeshua has provided a way for all people, to join with the commonwealth of Israel (Eph 2:11-18). Through His ministry on earth, He has given all people the calling to be priests and prophets to the nations (Deut 4:6, 1 Pet 2:9).

We believe that Messiah (Christ/Savior) granted ALL people salvation, as long as they will believe in their heart and confess with their mouth, that Yeshua/Jesus is the true Son of God, and is LORD and Savior. This gives them the means to be partakers, as joint-heirs, with Christ, in an eternal reward.

We believe in the power of His efficacious blood, which paid for our salvation and justified us as righteous, through His righteousness. 

We believe in the power of prayer and that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man or woman avails much (James 5:16).

We believe in supernatural healing and deliverance, the baptism of the holy spirit, the gifts of the spirit, the manifestation of signs, miracles and wonders.

We believe in the doctrine of laying on of hands (Heb 6:2, James 5:13) for healing (Mark 16:18, James 5:14), the infilling of the true spirit of God (The Holy Spirit according to Acts 8:18, 19:6, the stirring up of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (2 Tim 2:6, 1 Tim 4:14) and ordination (Acts 6:3-7).

We believe in signs, miracles and wonders and that they shall follow them that believe (Mark 16:17-20; Heb 2:4), for the edification of the body and as a sign to unbelievers (John 4:46-54).

We believe in keeping the appointed times and seasons of YHVH, as defined by the Biblical Calendar.

We believe that it is good and appropriate to worship Elohim on any day of the week, but especially on the weekly Sabbaths.

We believe that YHVH defined the days, week and Sabbath in the beginning (Genesis 1 & 2).

We believe that the change of Sabbath from the 7th day of the week to the 1st day of the week was not ordained by God, YHVH, and that the true Sabbath remains to be observed on the 7th day of the week. This is the 4th Commandment (Exodus 20:8).

We believe that the Feasts of the LORD  are YHVH's appointed times (moedims) and are prescribed for all of Israel, Jew and Non-Jew alike (Numbers 15:14-16) to enjoy, as prescribed in Leviticus 23. 

We believe that these appointed times are intended for all believers in Yeshua, to observe and that these times and seasons are discernable through observation, as prescribed in the Scriptures (Deuteronomy 16:1; Exodus 12:2; Psalms 104:19).

We believe that keeping these appointments are not grievous or cumbersome, (Matt 11:30) but they allow us to move in time with the divine order of YeHoVaH.

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