David's Testimony

psalmist worship leader and pastor david salinas
For the last 25 years, David Salinas has served in ministry. He has worked to bring countless souls closer to the Kingdom; spreading the gospel in various capacities. He has stood side by side with some of the greatest spiritual leaders. And he has used his musical gifts to serve the Lord.

Still, there is one particular accomplishment which stands out from all of the rest. It was a decision; a private moment between him and God. David Salinas left behind a successful career—living for the world—and he stepped into his calling. It was an act of obedience and faith—and it is one of his greatest feats.

In the early 90s, David Salinas was the lead singer of an up and coming Tejano band, living the typical “rock star” life. He had a tour bus, roadies, body guards and significant success; selling over 200,000 CDs.

One night, after a performance and late night meal, he encountered a demure older woman (whom he now believes was an angel). There she sat, sipping coffee next to the cash register, as he was paying for his meal.  As their brief conversation ensued, her words struck a chord with him: “Well, you know that you’re supposed to come out of that [world], don’t you?”  


 The following evening, on the way to another live performance, the band had a near fatal accident; an experience which caused them to take a short sabbatical. It was during this break that David learned that his girlfriend was pregnant. The angel, the accident, and the pregnancy were now coupled with a still small voice that David remembered from his childhood: “It is time to stop running.”    


David stopped running...


He left the rock star life and married his then girlfriend. Together they had two children. But after a difficult divorce, David found himself a single parent. Yet again, he was forced to adjust to a new life.


Through the grace of God, David made a way. He graduated from Christ for the Nations and Dallas Baptist University, and decided to launch a ministry focused on Prophetic Psalmistry. Using his talent and voice, he launched David Salinas Ministries; based just outside of Dallas, in Rockwall, TX.


Not one to let his gifts lay dormant, David has recorded a number of worship songs and served as a church worship leader during a majority of these years. David has also led worship at many conferences over the years, such as: Glory Explosion with Apostle Margelee Hylton; Revive 2015 with Eddie Chumney; and Heaven Touching Earth Meetings with Kevin Basconi, Joshua Mills and David Hertzog.


David Salinas continues to be a vessel for the Kingdom, and he is honored to be living his most anointed chapter yet.


Currently, David, evangelistically leads worship where Abba leads and provides.  Interested in inviting David to your congregation or event?  Contact us by calling (469) 309-7810. 

Some of the ministers that David has had the honor of working with are:

Whether he is ministering in music or teaching the Word of the living God, David places integrity above all else. He believes that God expects nothing less of those whom carry the very anointing of the Holy Spirit. His desire is to worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth, to preach the uncompromising living Word of God, and ultimately, to reach that secret place of the Most High where His presence abides.


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