Torah Thoughts - Vayakhel Pekudei 2

It’s All About the Heart

Torah Thoughts: Vayakhel Pekudei

Torah Portion: Exodus 35:1-40:38

2nd Aliyah: Exodus 35:30 -37:16


At the start of this 2nd Aliyah, Moses is raising up his great, great, nephew Bezalel, from the tribe of Judah.  Bezalel was Moses’ sister, Miriam’s Great- Grandson.  Moses is publicly praising Bezalel as being a godly man and a masterful and cunning craftsman in weaving, wood-working and working with precious metals and thus was appointed to head up the work on the Mishkan (YHVH’s temporary dwelling)., including the holy instruments and ark of the covenant.


I thought it was interesting that Bezalel’s name means, “under God’s shadow”.  Bezalel had been preparing and teaching others from the tribe of Dan to do this work, as well.  Moses extols Bezalel, and some others, as wise hearted men, “into whose heart the Lord had given wisdom” and the work of Bezalel’s hands poured out from his heart. 


Although, Bezalel had other wise men who also worked on the Mishkan, it is because of Bezalel’s devotion, passion and heart that caused Moses to extol him and attributed this work to Bezalel. 


We see in this Aliyah that it’s all about the heart here.  Bezalel’s name was raised up and made great because of his devotion, dedication…his heart. 


Even Yeshua in Matthew 15 confessed that it is more important that the heart be pure, for whatever comes out of the mouth comes from the heart and those things defile the man.  He alludes here in Matthew 15:18 that the heart is the seat of sin.


This week, as we search ourselves and prepare for the coming Passover, let us examine our hearts.  As my household continues its spring cleaning and attempts to remove all traces of leaven in our home, let us as a people, seek to remove the leaven in our hearts, as well.

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