Torah Thoughts: Toldot

Parasha: Genesis 25:19 – 28:9

2nd Aliyah: Genesis 26:6-12


Shalom brothers and sisters!


As the leader of a ministry, it is sometimes my responsibility to instill courage in those that are listening and following along with us.  This Torah portion, and more specifically, the 2nd Aliyah, points to a remarkably interesting development.


Verse 7 of Genesis 26 has Isaac saying that Rebecca was his sister and not his wife.  It specifically says the reason for his deception; he was afraid.  Understand, that he was dealing with King Abimelech. 


The reason this is important is that his father, Abraham, dealt with Abimelech as well.  What is more profound is that Abraham also lied about his wife, Sarah, to the same King…the exact same King from Genesis 20:2!


Fear is the enemy of faith!  Faith pleases Elohim.  When you stand in fear, you are not pleasing Elohim.  Amen?


The reason that I am using this angle in our Torah portion this week is because, David Salinas Ministries and The Lord’s Table Broadcast, and more specifically, the people that commune and assemble with us (and even some of the faithful ones online) are under severe warfare, right now. 


Click on the link to the video link here to hear more specifically some of the things that the Lord has put on my heart, concerning our response.  The Devil is a liar!  He is also a loser and we, as a body, will not be intimidated or minimized in any way shape or form.


As in the video, I am calling on each of you to war with us, for yours and our health, our families, and our country!  These trials and tribulations, I can firmly and confidently say, have nothing to do with sin, deception or any error that we may have made. 


Our first reaction to these trials has been to go to our knees to seek whether we have displeased YHVH.  We have rightfully examined ourselves and have even utilized the tools of fasting and prayer to determine course corrections.


As I, David, have examined the state of just about everyone within our purview, I have come to the conclusion that anyone that we have been made aware of, are absolutely walking in the righteousness of YHVH.  These actions have led to a tougher calling, to be sure. (I am sure more will be revealed in future broadcasts.)


So, this leaves us with the understanding that this is an assault on this ministry and on the friends of this ministry, simply because we all have chosen to pursue a more excellent way.  We are enemies with this world and the evil that threatens it.


Once again, I call upon each of you to stand with us in the evil day.  We shall be victorious!  For it is written!!!  All glory, honor, and power to our faithful Elohim!




David Salinas

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