Torah Thoughts on Tzav - Set Apart for a Purpose

Torah Thoughts on Tzav (to Command)

1st Alliyah: Leviticus 6:1-11

In this week's study, YHVH told Moses to command Aaron and his sons on the burnt offering and meal laws.  The commands included instructions on how to dress and what to do with the ashes from the burn offerings.  He also commanded that the fire on the altar should be kept lit.

What caught my attention here is the meal offering commandments.  There was a specific recipe and way to prepare the meal for YHVH.  The aroma of it was pleasing to Him.  Then Aaron and his sons were able to eat whatever was left over.

One thing that was forbidden in the recipe was leavening.  Many of us know that leavening represents sin, so it would make sense that the bread would not contain any ingredient that would cause it to rise.

In the description of this meal, it sounds like Kiddish or Communion, the remembrance meal. So, keep that in mind.

In verse 11 it states that this (meal offering) would be "an eternal statute for your generations from the fire offerings of the Lord.  Anything that touches them shall become holy."

Anything that would touch them would become holy (set apart for a purpose).  That phrase gave me pause.  It would indicate that whomever ate that meal would be a "set apart" individual.  And then anything that they touched or that touches them would also become holy, set apart for a purpose.  

If we really believed that we were a holy people, set apart for a specific purpose, wouldn't we be more diligent about what we touched or for that matter, what or whom we  would allow to touch us?

Because of COVID19, we are practicing social distancing.  Men in leadership over us are constantly reminding us to keep our hands clean by washing them frequently and to be more cognizant of what and whom we touch. 

Hmmm.  Is it possible that YHVH is driving this point home to us today?
Could it be that Abba is reminding us of His holiness, and our holiness within Yeshua?  

Something to think about, yes?

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