Torah Thoughts on Shelach Lekha

This Week's Torah Portion...

Shelach Lekha, Numbers 13:1 - 15:41
1st Aliyah: Numbers 13:1-20

This portion takes its name from the second verse in this Aliyah, “Send for yourself.” It begins the well observed passage and story of the spies being sent out to spy out the promised land. We have heard this story many times. We have been taught the lesson of the ten spies who came back with a bad report. Then we have heard many many times of the two spies whom brought back the good report.
I have been abundantly blessed by these messages over the years. Still there are so many wonderful truths we may still learn from this great passage of Torah. One of the things that stands out to me is the fact that YHVH chose to send out spies in the first place! Think about this. YHVH had already promised them the land that they were going to spy out. It was never a question of whether they could take the land or not in the eyes of YHVH. To me it was more like a Good Father letting His children peek at the present He was about to give them!
Hallelujah! When I used to celebrate Christmas, it was always a challenge to figure out exactly what my mom had gotten me before I was allowed to open my presents. We would shake it, we would look at the shape of the box, we would look for clues and would even beg mom to give us a hint! That is what YHVH was doing for His chosen people; giving them a taste of the goodness that He had promised them,  from the very place that He had promised them.
To be sure, there was some strategy involved in the spying out of the land; vis-à-vis the force that they might need to accomplish the task of taking the land, but the taking of the land was never in question. That, of course, was the paramount mistake that cost that entire generation to lose the blessing that was set aside for them. In the face of all that YHVH had done for them, they could not see past their own weakness. Ah, but the word is clear- in our weakness, He is STRONG!
Hallelujah! The obvious lesson from this passage, we have already been taught, if ABBA says it is ours, IT IS OURS!!!  Regardless of what the circumstances look like. Rise up and take what He has already promised you!  Now, when He promises you, get excited and start planning your possession and dream of what you will do when you get there!

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