Torah Thoughts on Chukat-Balak

This Week's Torah Portion...

Chukat-Balak: Numbers 19:1 – 25:9

1st Aliyah: Numbers 19:1-20:6

This week we have a double portion. This first Aliyah speaks of the laws of the Red Heifer.  When the Red Heifer was sacrificed, the ashes were for the purification of a person who had been made ritually unclean because of the contact with a dead body. 

Understand that most of these commands had to do with serving in the temple. Since there is no temple, there is really no need to kill a cow. (Lol.)  Still we can get some spiritual insight from the command.

This is one of the reasons that I speak of walking in Torah and how to do so in this day and in this culture.

There is a vast amount of commands that are irrelevant to us today.  Many simply because, as I stated, there is no temple. When it comes to touching dead things, it is a powerful biblical concept of staying away from things that do not bring life; things that are dead in and of themselves.  Pornography, for instance!  Pornography has absolutely no redeeming value in it, whatsoever!  It is a dead thing that brings no life to anyone involved, at any level.

This is a suitable example of one not being able to serve in a ministry capacity because of the involvement of such a thing.  When you come into contact with things like pornography, you render yourself unequipped to effectively minister to someone in need of a pure vessel.  How can one defiled by pornography be a pure vessel or give a pure experience? 

I am not talking about being perfect, but I am referring to the seriousness of some sins and actions.  A less then perfect vessel is well capable of ministering to people in need, but there are “dead things” that, if touched, can absolutely render someone ineffective for ministry.  Hence, the Red Heifer.

This is where we ministers (for we are all ministers) need a savior!  Hallelujah!  Our Yeshua is our sacrifice and when we come to Him, in our humbleness, we are completely forgiven!  

We can repent and turn away from our sin and because of Yeshua,  we are made clean again.  After a time of reflection and recovery, we are able to be effective in our ministries, again.  Let us look to Torah to gather insight into how we are to live today and everyday.  

In this culture there are many trappings and pitfalls.  We must constantly be on our guard for the sake of the Kingdom and the people of the Kingdom.  Let us all endeavor to be vessels of honor that are able to be used by the Master, however He sees fit!

If you are struggling with a besetting sin, maybe even pornography, we want to pray with you and stand in agreement with you for your freedom.  Please let us know how we might support you in prayer.

Love and Blessings!

David and Denise Salinas

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