Torah Thoughts on Acharei - Kedoshim (Remain Holy)

This Week's Torah Portion - Acharei - Kedoshim

Leviticus 16:1-24  (1st Day)

This Torah Portion for this week is Acharei Mot ("After the Death") and Kedoshim ("Holy Ones").

Aaron's son's, Nadav and Avihu, made an unauthorized entry into the Holy of Holies.  There was only one person, the high priest (the kohen gadol) who was allowed into the innermost chamber.  Unfortunately, this unauthorized trespass resulted in the immediate deaths of Aaron's sons.

This week's study is YHVH's instructions to Moses to instruct the people on remaining holy, even as the Lord God, YHVH, is holy.

Let's be good Bereans and study it out, Amen? 

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